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Let’s get a HANDLE on KNOBS!

Let’s get a HANDLE on KNOBS!

Lately we’ve been on a lot of remodeling jobs. As a full design build you deal with ALL details down to the tiny yet important detail of “would you like knobs or handles in your bathroom? or kitchen?”… or “would you like both?”

I think lately I am more and more amazed at how many little details need to be addressed in remodeling. I realize that people who dive into remodeling are always surprised … So you start picking out counter tops, paint, flooring, tile , cabinet color, cabinet style and last but not least hardware! Hardware?? The good news is there is nothing to panic about because I’m going to let you in on a little secret… there’s no right answer!

Selecting the perfect fit for your kitchen or bathroom is only perfect if you like it.  So dream away- you want clean lines then no knob necessary on the drawers.  Or you want to spice up a tired cabinet?  Add a set of shiny new knobs. It is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to bring new life to your space.  And the age old question of knob or handle? Which do you like better? That’s what you select as both serve different purposes.

Here’s a few simple tips to think about as you look for these final details:

1. Consider your style. Do you like a modern look or prefer something whimsical?  Knowing your style can help you narrow down your search.

2. Pay attention to handles and knobs when you are visiting different places. Take notice of how it feels to open a cupboard or drawer with a knob vs a handle.  Are there certain looks that grab your attention? Go ahead and actually grab a hold of a handle or knob and see what feels best or is most functional for your wants, needs and purpose.

3. Find inspiration on the web.  Use google images or Pinterest to find some inspiration and options that will make your decisions easier. Do you want the decorative hardware to be decorative, noticeable? Or do you simply want it for function and would prefer it simply blend into the stain of the cabinetry. People usually know right away when searching or Pinterest what you’re drawn to.

While it may seem like a small detail you’ll be surprised at your options and pleased when you select something that pulls the project all together.  Speaking of pull…pull happens to be another name for handle. Maybe you are a person who wants a spoon or fork handle on your kitchen to make you smile or perhaps you prefer a more modern look with a brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze.  In any case we are happy to help you figure out your style. Happy details my remodeling friends!

Just something to think about. Go to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards etc. to check out the hardware and see what you like. Your designer should be able to help you know what’s in but it all comes down to what you like… So look at your cabinetry, do you like knobs or handles or both? It all works! Typically, if one wants to do both handles/pulls and knobs, the handles go on the drawers and the knobs go on the doors…but then again, maybe you prefer the look of one or two knobs on a wide drawer and a long handle running vertically like the cabinet door. Test what you’re used to with your existing hardware. Does it work for you or is it frustrating? People may struggle opening a large drawer with knobs as you have to use to hands, whereas, a handle you can put your finger on one end or the other or in the middle and pull.



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